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Secret Life of the American Teenager

8 WTF Moments in Secret Life Season 3, Episode 16: ”Mirrors”

We love Secret Life as much as the next Daren Kagasoff stalker, but sometimes we pause our TiVo and are all WTF — did that actually happen?! We’ve rounded up Monday night’s “what were they thinking?” moment. Did these leave you confuzzled, too?

1. Anne’s mysterious location. Seriously, where the heck is Anne? All we know is that apparently she lives on a porch and drinks a lot of coffee. And STILL hasn’t grown out her bangs (eye roll).

2. Grace’s reluctance to get tested. We get that Grace feels gross, but she just got back from Med Camp. Did she learn nothing there? The best way to take care of an embarrassing STDIis to treat it. Would she rather just sit around all day letting whatever she has multiply and take over her hot bod?

3. Everyone’s reaction to Grace skipping school. Peeps are FREAKING OUT! Ben rushes in a panic to tell Jack that Grace is ditching, even though they’ve been broken up for a year. Her absence is even bigger news than Adrian’s pregnancy. What is wrong with these kids?!

4. Katelyn appearance at The House Of Juergens. Why didn’t Katelyn just call George and arrange a time for him to pick up Ashley’s books and paper work? Ash is right, there needs to be a law about teachers showing up at student’s homes. This lady should be arrested for breaking and entering!

Credit: ABC Family    

5. Ben’s soon-to-be proposal. Are we really supposed to believe that Ben wants to get married again? He of all people should know that teen marriage isn’t a good idea. This boy’s been unsuccessfully hitched, like, five times already! Okay, fine –– just twice, but did you see Ben’s expression when Adrian mentioned the M-word? He was like a kid at a candy store!

6. Ricky’s apartment. We want to know who does (and pays for) Ricky’s interior decorating, because his house is full of swag. But like, old lady swag. In the real world, Ricky would be living in a man-cave full of empty pizza boxes and used condoms.

7. Grace’s lack of movement. Grace didn’t get up from her chair this entire episode. At the beginning of the day, she’s sobbing to Jack in a comfy leather seat, and when Grant comes over after school she’s... still there. It’s like the writers forgot any time went by!

8. Ben’s big question. Who asks their own daddy for permission to get married? This boy is so confused. Grow a pair already.

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We can’t wait more WTF moments on next week’s all-new Secret Life of the American Teenager episode at 8/7c on ABC Family!

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