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True Blood

Stephen Moyer Never Wanted to Get Married… Until He Met Anna

Once a bad boy, always a bad boy, right? If he sows too many wild oats, he’ll never really settle down. Well, maybe if his incentive is as cute as Anna Paquin (Sookie), she can persuade him to put down the sower.

“It wasn’t something that I ever wanted to do,” Stephen Moyer (Bill) told Bullet regarding marriage.

“And then suddenly, in this relationship with Anna, I just couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to. It just felt right. When you meet somebody you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with, it doesn’t seem right to call them your girlfriend forever. I fully intend for us to be together forever, so I felt like I needed to be able to call her something else. So now I can shout 'wife' quite happily.”

Aww. Maybe don’t shout it all the time, though. Most of the time, we imagine “This is my wife, Anna” should be just fine in an indoor voice.

Maybe his high-volume approach to matrimony has something to do with marking his territory. Stephen admits he’s not a huge fan of seeing Sookie with her other swains.

“There are a couple of times when you see your partner acting in love with someone, and that touches some funny buttons, obviously,” Moyer reveals. “It’s bound to.”

Well, just shout “wife” nice and loud at them, Stephen. We’re sure they’ll get the message.

Source: Radar Online

04.6.2011 / 08:10 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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