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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Will MerDer Adopt in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Finale?

The title of the Grey's Anatomy Season 7 finale has just been revealed and we're pretty sure naming it "Unaccompanied Minor" has something to do with MerDer.

They're missing from Calzona's nuptials on the May 5th episode, and many are speculating that it's because they're off having their own Post-It marriage made official in order to speed along an adoption process. Hmm, looks like Meredith never shakes that hostile uterus, huh?

So, do you think MerDer are having some adorable little kid shipped in from some third world country as the title "Unaccompanied Minor" suggests (triggering the beginnings of an awesome Jolie/Pitt-esque brood for Drs. Shepherd/Grey)? Or do you think they'll opt for a more conventional process and adopt an unplanned teen pregnancy baby?

Or, do you think we're totally off-base and MerDer are missing from the Robbins/Torres wedding for some other reason? Vote in our poll below!

Source: TV Line