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Pretty Little Liars

Who Pushed Ian Off the Bell Tower on Pretty Little Liars?

It’s been weeks since the Pretty Little Liars season finale, but there’s still a million questions running through our minds. We're obviously wondering if Ian (Ryan Merriman)'s still alive, but the bigger question is who pushed him? A mysterious person in a black hoodie saved Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and shoved Ian off the bell tower, but he or she must have had a good reason.

At first we thought it was Toby (Keegan Allen), since he’d obviously want to save Spencer and he’s super strong (have you seen his rock solid abs?). We’re not sure why he’d be hiding in a hoodie, but he’d definitely have the motivation to protect Spencer and hurt her creepy brother-in-law.

But then again, Toby wouldn’t just disappear afterwards, so it probably wasn’t him.

Our next guess is Noel (Brant Daugherty) because he randomly showed up in the crowd after the accident and looked very suspicious. We’re not sure of his motivation, but he definitely has a dark side, so we wouldn’t put it past him.

But chances are the person in the hoodie is “A” since he or she is always sneaking around and has been known to get violent. Plus, "A" always has the perfect timing and showed up at the exact moment to save Spence.

PLL Executive Producer Marlene King won’t reveal much about the attacker, but she hinted to Zap2it, “Ian definitely knew who that person was who pushed him.” She also explained that we’ll find out who the little liars believe pushed Ian during the summer premiere. However, they might be wrong, which wouldn’t be the first time.

Source: Zap2it


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