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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Reason’s Ashley Is A Wicked Little Sister

It’s Siblings Day! Time to grab your annoying little bro or sis to give them a big hug and kiss — or a good old-fashioned noogie if you roll that way. We have a feeling Amy and Ash won’t spend the day bonding over their idyllic childhood — unless your idea of paradise is getting pregnant at 15 and/or being in love with your maybe-future brother-in-law. Good times!

Rather than spending Sib’s Day telling Ashley how great she is, maybe Amy should take the opportunity to make a list of all her “Sibling Fails.” Or better yet –– we’ll do it for her! Here are 5 reasons why Ashley is a wicked little sister (and not wicked in the British way).

1. She’s crushing on Amy’s baby daddy. And when we say crushing, we mean full-on trying to sex. Ashley made out with Ricky even though he and Amy were on their way to dating! Unforgivable, not to mention gross and a little incestual.

2. She never smiles. Seriously, Ash –– would it kill you to crack a smile? Imagine that you’re Amy, and you’ve just made a hysterical joke. You turn to Ash and... nothing. Not even a chuckle.

3. She makes fun of Amy for getting teen preggers. Ash has been known to crack a few jokes at Adrian’s expense. Remember when Amy sweetly reminded Ashley that she’d be late for school and Ash retorted, “At least I’m not late for my period?” Un-cool, Ash. UN COOL.

4. She’s not a good auntie. Every now and then Ashley babysits baby John and acts like it’s the biggest deal ever. First of all, Ash should be thrilled to spend any time with that adorbs kiddo, and second of all, have you ever seen a more well-behaved child? John barely cries, let alone speaks... or plays. Or really does anything.

5. She’s unsupportive. Being a teen mom is a rough road full of varicose veins and hella responsibility. Amy’s doing a great job, no thanks to her sarcastic and often self-involved younger sister. We get that Ash is totally grossed out by how lame everyone is at Grant High, but how about showing Amy a little sisterly luvin’?

04.8.2011 / 09:23 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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