Sarah Canning Doesn’t Know Whose Side Jenna Will Be On
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The Vampire Diaries

Sarah Canning Doesn’t Know Whose Side Jenna Will Be On

Whoo-ee! The “Know Thy Enemy” episode of The Vampire Diaries was something else, wasn’t it? There was a lot going on: one firey death (not to mention a few almost-deaths), two serious betrayals, and one wicked-creepy possession. None of this is good for anybody (Isobel won’t exactly be missed, but Elena is gonna need some serious therapy after watching her birth mom go up in flames), but Sara Canning (Aunt Jenna) will bare the brunt of the mess. At first, she’ll probably feel a little blithe that Alaric’s ex is dead for real. But as we know, Jenna’s lovah isn’t exactly himself anymore, and for that, we’re apprehensive about their future. Could this be the end of Jenna and Alaric? But they were so cute!

"From the cliffhanger I think we can assume that things are going to look kind of bleak," Canning tells Zap2It of Isobel’s arrival. "Maybe they'll work something out. I can say that Isobel showing up at the door is the beginning of a bit of an unraveling of a few things."

You can say that again. Right now, nobody knows where Alaric is, and we’re worried that if Alaric/”Klaus” gets to Jenna first, he might convince (read: compel) her to join the dark side. It’s not like “Aunt” Jenna has any qualms about abandoning Elena even without vampire tricks (she did just ditch the obviously distraught high schooler to go finish her thesis on campus — still not her biggest parenting fail), so believing Jenna might follow Klalaric’s lead isn’t out of the question. Thankfully, Jenna and Alaric aren’t speaking, so she might not give him the time of day — at least not willingly. Damn that compulsion thing!

"I've been... thinking about her character traits and what traits would lead her in the direction of being on the side of Elena and the vampires and what might lead her in the complete opposite direction," Canning says. "I've been really excited to see which way she's going to go."

Us, too. Let’s hope it’s the right way!

Source: Zap2It

04.8.2011 / 10:41 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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