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Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 17: “The Feet on the Beach”

After three weeks of no new episodes, Bones finally came back with a (exploding belly) bang. We didn’t even mind all that nasty gore, because we were laughing so hard! Read on for our picks for the top 10 funniest quotes from Bones, Season 6, Episode 17, “The Feet on the Beach.”

Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 17: “The Feet on the Beach”
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10. Promises, promises
Angela (Michaela Conlin): Cam got her daughter into Columbia behind her back.
Hodgins (TJ Thyne): She didn’t want her to go to that little school up in Maine.
Angela: Honey, this is bad parenting. We will never do anything like this. Promise me now.

9. Nasty is putting it nicely
Brennan (Emily Deschanel) at the body farm: Oh, look at that one. The anaerobic organisms from the gastrointestinal track has started the microbial proliferation. Wow, isn’t this amazing?
Booth (David Boreanaz): No, that is nasty.

8. Not quite as bad as being a serial killer
Sweets (John Francis Daley): You forged Michelle’s application and applied to Columbia?
Cam (Tamara Taylor): Could you not say that as though I killed three people?

7. Very impressive stuff
Dr. Filmore (Scott Lowell): Yeah, these are definitely our victim’s shoes.
Angela: Wow, you just out me’d me.

6. Can’t say we blame you
Sweets: Can you tell us where those feet came from?
Mental patient, Bernie: I don’t know man, maybe a fish coughed them up. I just found the right size shoes and took out the feet.
Sweets: Just like that?
Bernie: No, I threw up first.

5. And definitely not over dismembered feet
Cam: So you might be able to tell us where the murders took place?
Hodgins: Mhmm.
Angela (to Hodgins): You’re so amazing.
Hodgins: So are you. [Leans in over the table holding the dismembered feet to kiss her]
Cam (stopping them): Not here. Not over feet.

4. Dang, no holding back
Sweets: I can’t help you.
Cam: Why not? Some sort of professional code of ethics?
Sweets: No, my own personal code of ethics. You should consider putting one together of your own.

3. Alrighty then
Border ranger #1: Everything up past that rock is Canada. That’s all you’ve got to know, unless you forget your long johns it’s a piece of cake.
Border ranger #2: What about smugglers or terrorists?
Border ranger #1: This ain’t Mexico, Buck-o.

2. Dr. Brennan a.k.a. Dr. Insensitive
Angela: That’s very impressive.
Forensic podiatrist, Dr. Douglas Filmore (Scott Lowell): No, no, no, I’m merely an expert in one quarter of the bones of a human body, which makes me one quarter of the expert Dr. Brennan is.
Hodgins: I wouldn’t put it that way.
Dr. Filmore: Oh, I didn’t. I’m quoting Dr. Brennan.

1. We know, eh
Sweets: Have you ever considered confronting her? Expressing the anger you must feel.
Dr. Filmore: Yes, Dr. Hodgins suggested that.
Sweets: Did you come to me for permission?
Dr. Filmore: Confrontation is not a natural state for me. I’m… Canadian.

Get ready for next week’s sure-to-be-eerie episode:

04.8.2011 / 10:47 PM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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