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The Bachelorette

Random Speculation: How Much Does ABC Spend on Roses for One Season of The Bachelor?

Since we’re between seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, we can’t help but obsess about things like ABC’s spending habits. Although trips to Tahiti and South Africa seem like the standout expenses for the franchise, providing all those darn roses week after week has to put a dent in the network’s wallet.

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

Since the crew is out shooting Bachelorette Season 7 right now, they aren’t around to tell us if our “we’re just curious...” budget speculation is even close. So we’ll just do the math ourselves (bear with us).

Take Brad Womack’s Season 15, for example. He started with 30 women, then dumped 10 in the premiere and whittled his way down to Emily Maynard. He handed out one rose at a time, and even if we ignore the rose bushes outside the L.A. mansion, that’s still quite a few roses.

1st rose ceremony = 20 roses handed out
2nd rose ceremony = 17 roses
3rd rose ceremony = 14
4th rose ceremony = 11 roses
5th rose ceremony = 8 roses
6th rose ceremony = 6 roses
7th rose ceremony = 4 roses
8th rose ceremony = 3 roses
9th rose ceremony = 2 roses
Final rose ceremony = 1 rose

That’s 86 roses, or just over 7 dozen. Usually when someone buys a dozen roses — which they rarely do for us, tears! — they come in a bouquet or a fancy vase and cost upwards of $20.

Chances are The Bachelor has a nice deal where each longstem red rose costs less than $1, so it would only cost $80 or less for a full season’s worth of roses. Taking into consideration promo photos in which each Bachelor or Bachelorette poses with a single rose or a ever-growing bouquet bumps the bill up to about 110 bucks (more or less). Hey, not bad at all!

But how do they purchase them during the season? Do they buy them all at once and keep them in a fridge as they travel? Do they buy Costa Rican roses in Costa Rica? Or is Chris Harrison picking the roses while the Bachelor or Bachelortte is on a date? They don’t call him the Rosemaster for nothin’!

All of this boils down to one major question: Do we have way too much time on our hands?

04.9.2011 / 12:39 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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