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American Idol

Stefano Langone Is Conflicted About Pia’s Idol Elimination

As the American Idol family reels with the news of Pia Toscano’s shocking elimination, we can’t help but wonder what poor Stefano Langone must be thinking right now. Talk about survivor’s guilt! During last night’s episode, the camera cut to Stefano several times after news of the elimination was dropped, suggesting what everyone was thinking: that he should’ve been eliminated instead of Pia.

Obviously it isn’t Stefano’s fault that he made it through. But that doesn't stop the singer from feeling conflicted about last night's results. Check out his tweets from last night and this morning:

@SLangoneAI10: I don't even know what to say right now...
@SLangoneAI10: All I can say is it wasn't right. And anyone that thinks they have a clue on how I feel or what I'm going thru as a PERSON, has NO idea...
@SLangoneAI10: Good morning everyone. Very very emotional night for me, for everyone I think. Jus want people to know I wasn’t upset about the reactions…Of the judges and audience.
@SLangoneAI10: Or even what people are thinking or saying now. We create relationships with these people, closer bonds then people will ever know. It’s jus super tough…
@SLangoneAI10: And to my fans, thank you so much. I know you guys will be wit me whether I stay or not!You as well as me know what I’m capable of specially After this competition! And that’s real! Much love always

Hang in there, Stefano!

Source: Twitter

04.9.2011 / 01:42 AM EDT by David Connell
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