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American Idol

Nigel Lythgoe: Pia Was Never an Idol Frontrunner

Whenever we see the words “Nigel Lythgoe interview,” our American Idol-loving hearts always skip a beat. The long-time executive producer never fails to provide amazing, unguarded insight into the backstage goings-on of our fave show. Nigel has no problem saying what’s on his mind… and that’s what we love about him!

For instance, a short video interview by Reality Rocks’s Lindsey Parker provided a whole slew of juicy Nigel quotes. When asked about how he felt about “front-runner” Pia Toscano being voted off the show so early, he said, "I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner. The fact of the matter is, it appears that Pia didn't connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did." Ouch!

As to whether the voting system will be changed so future Pia-tastrophies are averted, Nigel said, "Maybe if we change the rules next season, maybe do the same thing we do on So You Think You Can Dance... so that America votes for the bottom three, and then the judges decide who goes home, I think that will be thought about." Nigel went on to say that the decision is ultimately out of his hands; show-creator Simon Fuller will have the final say on changing how contestants are eliminated.

Finally, Nigel reminds us that the heartbreak of seeing our faves go home is just a fact of life as we approach the Idol finale. Said Nigel, "This is going to happen every week now, because the talent is so strong. Every week it's going to happen, that a really strong singer goes."

Gotta love the non-nonsense Brit sensibility ol’ Nige brings to the show. He’s one of a kind, that one!

Source: Reality Rocks

04.11.2011 / 11:35 PM EDT by David Connell
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