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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life Fashion Report: Best and Worst Outfits From Last Week’s ”Mirrors”

Ben + Adrian: FASHION HIT

We have to hand it to this power couple — they are looking haute! Ben’s totally bounced back from last week’s fashion disaster sweater. This week’s cozy number keeps it simple and dare we say even a little bit sexy? We love the thick horizontal strips and splash of blue! Ben needs to do something about his Ricky-wannabe hair, though. It’s so tall, he looks even more like a toothpick!

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

Ben’s baby mama Adrian looks so great preggers that we wouldn’t be surprised if like, five, more girls at Grant High got knocked up just to be on trend (not a good idea, ladies). This girl sure knows how to pick a figure-flattering shirt! And can we point out Adrian’s swoon-worthy sapphire rock? That ring is so amazeballs that we’re gonna give Adrian’s scary nails a fashion pass!

Katelyn O’Malley: FASHION MISS

Oh, Katelyn. You blew us away last week with your vivid cobalt blue top. This week, we’re less impressed. Actually, we’re terrified. The detailing on that shirt reminds us of a particularly ugly wrought iron gate. Look at George’s expression, he’s all: What the what?

Credit: ABC Family    

Well, at least her hair looks good, right? Wrong. Take care of your roots girl! We hope Katelyn gets back on track next week. Ricky’s never gonna sow his wild oats in her panties if she keeps dressing like that.

04.12.2011 / 01:23 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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