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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Who’s Going With Who to Calzona’s Wedding on Grey’s?

With the Calzona wedding just around the corner on May 5, the docs of Seattle Grace are pairing off like it's the prom and all the cheerleaders are taken. Who's showing up with who, and, more importantly, who's going to get drunk and hook up with their platonic date? No deets on the latter just yet, but the pairings may surprise you.

Teddy (Kim Raver) won't be going with dear Henry (who presumably is still hospitalized otherwise, duh, why wouldn't she? What, is he not doe-eyed enough for you, Teddy?). Instead, the wedding marks the return of McTreaty, better known as Dr. Andrew Perkins, who will attend as Teddy's date. Uh, obviously the opportunity for a champagne-induced make out sesh is there.

Karev (Justin Chambers) will hit the nuptials with April (Sarah Drew) on his arm, which, despite his d-baggery towards her, we think is better than the possible alternative of April going with Stark, so, whatever. Just don't be mean this time, Alex, and props to April for rising above and not being all traumatized and a weakling about it. (But where's Lucy? Off shooting Charlie's Angels, we suppose.)

Lexie (Chyler Leigh) will obviously be going with Jackson (Jesse Williams) since Mark has walking down the aisle duties to which he must attend. And, honestly, that's fine by us. Lexie and Mark will figure out their shiz when he isn't so baby-centric. So, in about 18 years, they'll end up together.

Of course, MerDer are missing from the ceremony, sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories, but we haven't heard anything about Owen and Cristina attending, either. Hmm, maybe they're off being Team MerDer's Wedding?

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