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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Watch a Secret Life Fan Get the Surprise of Her Life!

Our heads are spinning from this news! Super bro Greg Finley and sausage-lover Kenny Baumann made a Secret Life fan’s dream come true when they surprised her with flowers after a mega prom fail. Seventeen-year-old Megan was in the middle of giving a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest about her overly handsy prom date, when shiz got real!

Enter Greg and Kenny, who romantically asked Megan on a date: “We’re actually wondering if you’ll go to Mango Tango with us... are you down?” Awww, these boys are so sweet! Thank goodness they didn’t bring Daren — Megan would have probs been blinded by his studly glow.

Check out this vid of Megan’s surprise and watch Ryan Seacrest reveal that he’s a Secret Life lover because it “reminds me of my life, that I wanted.” Ummm, being a preggo 15-year-old girl?