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The Vampire Diaries

This Week’s Obsession: Bonnie’s Lacy Tee

Bonnie once again displayed supernatural strength in Season 2, Episode 17, “Know Thy Enemy.” Now that she’s harnessed the power of 100 dead witches, she’s practically unstoppable. And she somehow manages to look cute and girly all the time — the ultimate in femme fashion power!

Last week was no exception. Bonnie sported a purple tee with a lace overlay and a keyhole button-up collar. Tops with a layer of lace over an opaque fabric are a fabu way to be flirty without showing too much skin. They’re totally hot this season, and designers experimented with a variety of colors, styles, and lace patterns.

Bonnie dawned her blouse with a ruffled blazer in a coordinating color, an excellent option for transitional weather. Consider stocking up on camisoles with lace overlays in light colors. They’re an ideal under layer in the spring, and perfect by themselves in the summer.

04.13.2011 / 11:16 PM EDT by Elizabeth Kellogg
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