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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Season 7 Spoilers: A Roundup of Ashley Hebert’s Bachelors

3. Jon Ellsworth, 26, is from Vancouver, Washington, and was a weapons specialist in the Marine Corps. He served with Operation Enduring Freedom in East Asia. After being deployed all over the place, he's now the president of, a site described as "the World's first (Product) Reverse Auction where people actually control the extent to which a product is discounted." Check out his LinkedIn site for more background. And don't miss our "5 Things You Need to Know About Season 7 Bachelorette Contestant Jon Ellsworth"!

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4. Ryan "Mickey" McLean, 30, is an Ohio chef and Cosmo's "Ohio bachelor 2010." In his Cosmo profile, he describes himself as "loyal, optimistic, and easygoing." His other reveals? He likes girls who are laid-back; he Facebook-stalks girls before going out with them; he manscapes; and he's had sex on a golf course. The more you know! Check out sexy pics of this hottie, and pore over our "10 Things You Need to Know About Season 7 Bachelorette Contestant Ryan 'Mickey' McLean."

5. Chris Drish, 25, is an account coordinator at Paragon Marketing Group in Chicago. He went to school at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The site also claims Drish was a starting pitcher for the Illini back in his college days. Hey, it worked for Roberto Martinez!

6. Anthony Santucci, 27, from New Jersey.

7. Mike Burns, from San Diego.

8. Bentley Williams, 28, from Tampa, is currently living in Alpine, Utah. According to Steve, this guy is a divorced Mormon with a 2-year-old daughter named Cozette, but they call her "Cozy." He graduated from BYU with a degree in finance and used to work for Goldman Sachs.

Here are Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert's potential husbands, as spoiled in advance by Reality Steve.

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1. Ben Castoriano is a lawyer from New Orleans. He was born in Paris and raised in London, meaning he probably speaks French and has a sexy accent. According to Ben's bio at the N'Orleans firm Frilot L.L.C.:

9. Blake Julian, originally from Colorado but now living in Greenville, South Carolina, is a dentist who graduated from the University of Missouri, Kansas City in 2010. This is the guy Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz gushes about in this MySpace video, where she rates all of Ashley's guys so far. Nat calls Blake "Mr. Getz." If things don't work out with Ashley, Blake has a fallback gal!

10. Ben Flajnik is a Northern California native who currently lives in San Diego and co-owns a winery in Sonoma.

11. Nick Peterson, of Tampa, Florida, played minor league baseball in the Yankee organization and is currently a personal trainer at Peety's Personal Training. His site says, "... I just can't fix ugly." Charming!

12. Frank Carpenter is the Assistant Director of Admissions at the Art Institute of Nashville. He likes to sing and ballroom dance and was a cheerleader in college. Listen to him belt out "I Ain't Your Guy" — and hope that Ashley never has to hear it.

13. Rob Dahm, 27 or 28, of Monroe, Michigan, owns a computer company with his brother.

14. Stephen D'Amico of Manhattan Beach, California, is a stylist at Hush Hush Hair Salon. He does seem to have nice hair.

15. William "Will" Holman, 30, is a retail sales rep for Sprint from Fostoria, Ohio.

16. Lucas Daniels, 30, of Odessa, Texas, is co-owner of an oilfield supply company.

17. Constantine Tzortzis, 30, of Cumming, Georgia, is co-owns Giorgio’s Restaurant with his father. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

18. Ryan Park, 31, of San Luis Obispo, California. Director of Business Development at REC Solar. Check out his LinkedIn page. He’s cute!

19. Ames Brown, 30 or 31, of New York. Yale graduate 2002, marathon runner, and — as Steve puts it — he "may be the smartest guy in the history of this show. Geez, enough degrees Ames?" Ames is a keeper. Handsome, smart, and kind of Hugh Grant-ish, but hopefully without the sleaze. Check out his Harvard Business School bio.

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Enjoy a moment with these hot shots of Ryan "Mickey" McLean:

"Ben M. Castoriano is an associate with the firm, practicing primarily in the firm's Commercial Litigation Practice Group. Mr. Castoriano handles a wide variety of cases including contract disputes, intellectual property litigation, and railroad litigation. After receiving his Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (BSBA) from the University of Richmond, Mr. Castoriano earned his law degree from Tulane University Law School in 2007. While at Tulane, Mr. Castoriano earned his Certificate in International Business from Queen Mary Intellectual Property Institute in London, England. He also worked as an extern for United States District Judge Sarah S. Vance in the Eastern District of Louisiana."

Check out Ben's picture above his Frilot profile. Fans of Reality TV also found some pics from what is (or was) Ben's Facebook page. Need more? Read our "5 Things You Need to Know About Season 7 Bachelorette Contestant Ben Castoriano."

2. West Lee, 28, is Assistant Attorney General in the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. Do you think anyone will just call him "West"? We kinda want to use his full name every time so that he sounds like Westley from Princess Bride.

According to Steve, West got married right out of college, but his wife passed away a few years ago. He went to Clemson University for undergrad and studied abroad in Spain. (He's fluent in Spanish.) From there he went to Washington and Lee University Law School. Check out his LinkedIn site for more background. This guy is one to watch! For more on Westley, make sure to read our "5 Things You Need to Know About Season 7 Bachelorette Contestant West Lee."

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