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Dancing With The Stars

Sneak Peek of DWTS Season 12 Week 5: Top 8 Couples Discuss American Week

Several of the Dancing With the Stars pros — and some of the contestants — are not American, but they're still excited to get into the red-blooded spirit of DWTS Season 12 Week 5 American Week, where they will be dancing to songs that celebrate the U.S.A. Ralph Macchio is Americanizing his Brazilian Samba and Romeo is dedicating his Foxtrot to the U.S. troops fighting for our country.

Read on for more of what the remaining eight couples told On the Red Carpet about American Week, as well as their lingering thoughts about the drama of Classical Week:

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas: Samba

Chelsea thought she really did have the second lowest votes and that's how they ended up "in jeopardy” on Tuesday’s Results Show. But we're all pretty sure it was just a producers' device to add drama and she probably is getting tons of fan support. The half-joking theory is that Len Goodman told the producers to put Mark in jeopardy as punishment for his edgy Viennese Waltz.

This coming week, Chelsea & Mark have the party dance Samba. "We're going to play it pretty straight this week," Mark says. "It's gonna be edgy because everything I do is edgy even when it's traditional. [Chelsea's] definitely going to be shaking things she's never shook before. It's going to be fun. It's a rhythm dance. It's all about back isolation and booty shaking."

They also say Chelsea's costume is "amazing."

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin: Quickstep

Dmitry is not prepared right now. The Russian dancer doesn't have a story yet for his Czech star.

"It's a Quickstep, all American Week, so we're gonna bring our American passports, gonna bring the history of American history..." he trails off.

Petra said maybe she'll take him to the museum of American history. He's down for that.

The Quickstep is a fast dance and Dmitry feels like he'll be the one out of breath. Petra is always fine and he's the only who needs more stamina. Watch the video here.

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel: Foxtrot

Kendra said she is dancing for the fans because they voted for her and showed faith in her. She's also dancing for her husband and son. And Louis. But mostly she's here for the fans — they are giving her the strength to go on.

Louis is carrying around a piece of black tape to put over her mouth when she speaks in front of the judges, like she did this past week.

Kendra doesn't feel like the judges are being clear to her. So what is she not doing properly?

"Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., we'll start that conversation," Louis says. "'Cause I do know and it's very simple."

He said it's less to do with dancing than other things. He also says Kendra is more elegant than Petra and what was going through Kendra's mind on the Performance Show had nothing to do with what the judges were talking about.

They don't even talk about their Week 5 dance in this interview, but Kendra told E! Online that they have the Foxtrot. "Our song is pretty interesting. I don't know how we couldn't have fun with this song."

Source: On the Red Carpet


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Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Foxtrot

Maks reiterates that ShoeGate was not intentional. Kirstie says she's not here to be stupid, she's here to do well. "This show humbles you," she says. "It's hard to be fearless when you suck."

This week they have the Foxtrot, "with a kinky twist," Kirstie says. "I'm afraid," Maks says. "It's not Gene Kelly," Kirstie adds.

Maks makes a train analogy, saying they want to get on the train and right now they are next to it, like hobos trying to hang out. Kirstie wants to get into the first class carriage. Watch the video here.

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson: Rumba

The On the Red Carpet reporter did some research and revealed that, adding up all the points from the judges so far, Hines & Kym have the most. It was news to them, but they liked hearing it.

"We're back to a dance where he can move his hips and I know how much you like that," Kym says to Hines, who smiles. "So he's going to be able to like move his hips and shake it a little bit. It's difficult because the Rumba is the dance of love and it's all passionate and sexy but it's a tribute we're doing and it's an American Week so it's not going to be — I don't know, I'm going to have to be clever in the way I don't make it too raunchy."

Hines said since it's American Week you want to go out there and do a good job and not disrespect the country. Watch the video here.

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke: Viennese Waltz

Cheryl's leg injury is an ongoing problem, but she's just taking some Advil and dealing with it. "I feel better," Cheryl says. "I will survive and I will not bow out of the competition."

Chris changes his hair and look every week to get into character for each dance. The slicked-back hair was Cheryl's idea, but to darken it was Chris's idea. He also came up with the goatee for their Paso Doble last week.

This week they have the Viennese Waltz and putting Chris into a different character is already their edge. Chris says he does have a real romantic side and that's something he likes about the dances because you can feel that. Watch the video here.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower: Foxtrot

Romeo talks a lot about his acting career in this video. Chelsie has a proposition for him — if they get to the Semifinals, will he introduce her to Will Smith? He says he was going to do that anyway.

They have the Foxtrot next, which is one of her favorite dances. "It's super suave, super old Hollywood and a lot of fun. It's Americana Week and we're going to be celebrating America and that's always fun. He's going to be playing a really cool character this week and I'm excited."

He's been doing a lot of research for this week. He wants to prove a point to the judges and show that he's here to stay. "What's better than American week?" His record company's symbol is a tank and he's dedicating this dance to the soldiers out there fighting for the U.S. Watch the video here.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff: Samba

These two already have the whole American Week thing figured out.

Karina: "We're going to be doing an all-American Samba."

Ralph: "Which there is no such thing as, but we are creating that. It's a Brazilian South American dance that's all-American. So we've got work to do."

Karina: "We're gonna jump into Brazilian immigrants moving to the Midwest and embracing the Midwest lifestyle with ... all the Samba action."

Ralph keeps pushing her for story and characters to go with the dances, so now she's coming up with scripts for them to work from.