Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Spoiler: Ben and Adrian Move In Together!

Ben and Adrian are on the fast track to teen rentie paradise on Secret Life of the American Teenager! First they got preggers, then they got engaged, and now they’re moving in! That’s right, Badrian aren’t waiting until after their wedding to play house. But are they shacking up for the right reasons?

Adrian’s super excited about her upcoming nuptials — like, bridezilla excited. She’s even making seating charts out of construction paper n’ junk! Ben gets a little overwhelmed by the wedding planning, so he makes a deal with his bride-to-be. In lieu of a big white wedding, he’ll buy Adrian her very own condo! This baby mama’s more than happy to exchange a fancy party for a sweet pad, and she starts house-hunting immediately.

We can’t wait to see what kind of home they buy (and how they’ll come up with the cash)! Knowing Adrian, she’ll choose a place right next door to Ricky. Spy time!