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Vote Now! Who’s Got Better Chemistry: Beckett and Castle or Bones and Booth?

Although there's no way to know what future historians will say, we suspect a great rivalry children will discuss in school is the one between Castle and Beckett and Bones and Booth, a competition we'll gladly help foster. Both "couples" work together in gruesome surroundings, both "couples" fight mutual attraction every waking hour of their lives, and both "couples" still need quotation marks to effectively convey the status of their couple-dom.

Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX , Adam Taylor/ABC    

We want to know which TV pair you think has the better chemistry. Some questions to ask yourself:

In real life, do you prefer to watch detectives and novelists interact, or forensic anthropologists and FBI Special Agents?

Is Bones or Beckett the more sexually dynamic woman underneath a cold, unapproachable exterior?

Are you more affected by the longing stares of Castle or Booth?

Is it an advantage or disadvantage that Bones and Booth have discussed having a child, but through sperm donation?

Bones has three extra seasons on Castle, but Bones and Booth are still sorting out their relationship. What does this mean to you?

So, tell us what you think! It's not just for us, it's for the future.

04.14.2011 / 10:34 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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