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Pretty Little Liars

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell (Emily) from Pretty Little Liars has plenty of secrets, but it doesn’t take someone as sneaky as “A” to figure them out. Read on to get the scoop on Shay, from her favorite hobbies to her first kiss!

15. She’s a huge humanitarian and volunteered in Cambodia during her break from Pretty Little Liars.

14. Besides acting on PLL, her dream role is to play a Bond girl. Yes please!

13. Can you imagine Shay as Spencer? Neither can we, but she originally auditioned for that part before they asked her to play Emily.

12. Her guilty pleasure is reality TV and one of her favorite shows is Cake Boss.

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11. Shay has dance parties to get pumped up. She told, “When I get ready to go out anywhere, there's an intense hour-long session when I'm just dancing around my apartment blasting music. I don't know why, but nothing gets me hyped up like that. I pretend to be in a music video or something. I'll pretend to be Beyonce; I'll just let it go. It's like a mini workout session, too."

10. Shay is pretty fearless, but even she has her limits. She’s terrified of rodents and small spaces, so she hopes she won’t have to encounter either on PLL.

9. How could anyone ever be mean to Shay? She’s like the nicest girl ever. But believe it or not, she was bullied in school and ate lunch alone.

8. She loves to cook, especially pizza and pasta. Yum!

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7. She’s gorgeous and used to be a model, but even she didn’t have a prom date. Were the guys at her school crazy?

6. She became an international model at age 15. Can she get any cooler? Check out these beautiful pics of her!

5. Shay dreams big when it comes to the perfect date. She’d love to go to Bali or Indonesia and surf and have dinner on the beach with Paul Walker. Hey, it could happen!

4. Shay thinks everyone has a dark side and hers is road rage. Note to self: stay away from Shay when driving.

3. Shay is extremely adventurous and told Seventeen that she likes to climb ropes to stay in shape. It's obviously working!

2. Her favorite three movies are Vicki Christina Barcelona, Under the Tuscan Sun, and The Little Mermaid. A mixed bag, but we love them all!

1. She had her first kiss at 13 during a game of spin-the-bottle. Aww!

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