Idle Speculation: What Does Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Do All Day?
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The Bachelor

Idle Speculation: What Does Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Do All Day?

Chris Harrison must have a lot of time to kill while filming The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

We know our favorite Rosemaster is a producer on the show, and he hosts red carpet events during the off-season, but what does he do when, say, Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is dating a bunch of guys in Thailand and he’s not required to stop by and announce the final rose of the night for another day or two? Sometimes, like when Brad Womack brought in a therapist, Chris doesn’t even get to nod sagely while the Bachelor struggles to make a decision. How does he fill his days during filming?

We’ve been speculating (we have a lot of time to kill, too!) and came up with these possibilities:

Idle Speculation: What Does Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Do All Day?
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Tends his rose garden
If we’re going to call him The Rosemaster, he’d better be working some serious flower power. Does he have a master’s degree in rose management? Is he the one pruning the rose bushes in front of the Bachelor mansions? While traveling the globe, does he scour local farmers markets for the finest stems for his Bachelor or Bachelorette and their potential loves?

Acts as pool boy...
The pools and hot tubs always look so sparkling on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but someone must be doing the dirty work out there. Chris seems like a responsible guy, and we can picture him scooping out those pesky leaves and perhaps shaking his head in disappointment as he notices stray champagne flutes left by the beach chairs. Don’t these kids have any respect?

Works on his memoirs
Someone has to write a juicy tell-all about this show, and who better than the host? We can imagine Chris ambling slowly through the streets of Hong Kong, notebook out, pencil tapping thoughtfully on his chin as he tries to find the very best way to describe his feelings during the Rozlyn Papa scandal.

Assists with styling
We know Cary Fetman is the Bachelor/ette stylist, but we also know contestants tend to gain and lose weight as the show progresses. How are they going to fit into their clothes? Cary doesn’t have time to tailor them — he’s busy shopping for more outfits. Chris is in a good position to play assistant, sewing ladies back into their dresses and making sure those suit jackets fit the men just right. We can picture him holding out shoes for Cary’s approval and stepping back to decide, “Is that really the right chunky bracelet, or should we go with the blue one?”

Shops, cooks, and bartends
The contestants need to eat, and we know they’re drinking — often a little too much! How do they get their sustenance? We can picture them giving Chris a list of their favorite foods and dispatching him to grocery stores around the globe, forcing him to try to enunciate “Fros-ted Flakes” in various foreign countries. Then, of course, he has to wake the contestants, prepare their meals, and send them off to greet the day. When they return from their most dramatic group dates ever, he has drinks waiting for them, along with carefully prepared appetizers. Just show some respect and don’t leave them by the pool.

Practices his straight face
Bachelors and Bachelorettes say the loopiest things in deliberation, but Chris just sits there nodding at them like they’re making a valid point. That must take practice. Everyone says the Rosemaster is really nothing like the serious guy we see on TV, so he must go through mental exercises to prepare himself — perhaps imagining sick kittens or the “Never let go!” scene in Titanic to keep himself somber.

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