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The Bachelorette

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez May Move to Florida When They Have Kids

We’re totally confident when it comes to Season 6 Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez. They have been engaged for a full year now, and they’re set to tie the knot soon — most likely sometime this fall.

Credit: via Ali Fedotowsky's Twitter    

"We want to get married!" Ali told People magazine."We don't feel pressured at all. We just want it to happen."

Roberto said Ali has been chill about wedding plans, not giving in to her intense side — the same one Vienna Girardi exposed on The Bachelor Season 14. "She's not a bridezilla, thank God," Roberto said. "I'd be scared to death if she was, but no, she's awesome."

Ali revealed that she and Roberto have grown together, molding their two separate lives into one. Aww! “We just adjusted,” gushed the San Diego resident. “We're finally living near the beach. We love our place."

However, that hasn’t stopped them from looking down to road to what’s going to happen once they hear the pitter-patter of little Martinez feet.

"We think we'll want a parent to be a babysitter whenever we need them, so maybe we'll move back to Florida," Ali said. "It's definitely an option, I think. But my mom also said she'd be willing to move out to California, so we shall see."

Roberto’s parents live in the Tampa area. Last we heard, Ali’s mom was still in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Roberto just opened his own State Farm insurance agency last year in San Diego, so we don’t see them moving away anytime soon. Then again, Ali just announced she’ll be co-hosting a Style Network version of The View. Chances are that’s taping closer to the Los Angeles area, so it remains to be seen where they’ll end up! One things for sure: They’ll stick together.

Source: People

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Ogle cute pics of the adorable twosome at the San Diego Zoo. A couple who feeds giraffes together stays together, right?