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Pretty Little Liars

You Know You’re a Pretty Little Liars Addict When…

We'll admit it, we're completely addicted to Pretty Little Liars. We can't get enough of the mysteries, secrets, stars, and drama. It's hard to control our love for the show, which is why we've decided to embrace our obsession, and so should you. We've rounded up the top qualities of a true PLL fan. See if you make the cut:

15. You spend a lot of time speculating on who “A” could be, and have a few prime suspects in mind, along with a detailed list of why you think they're shady.

14. You're having withdrawals waiting for Season 2 to start.

13. You listen to the show's soundtrack on repeat, and know which scenes the songs are from.

12. You’ve read the PLL books, even though they aren’t the same as the show.

11. You talk to other PLL fans to find out their theories.

10. You look to the little liars for style inspiration.

9. If given a PLL quote, you know who said it... Instantly.

8. You get texts from "A"... No, really!

7. You tweet at Showrunner Marlene King, or anyone else on set, asking for clues.

6. You participate in the PLL’s UStream chats. A chance to talk to the stars? Yes please!

5. You share your love with the little liars. This superfan even made PLL cupcakes for Shay Mitchell (Emily)'s birthday.

4. You have a countdown until June 14.

3. You make fan videos of your favorite PLL moments, like this one of Spencer/Toby.

2. You take screen shots of the episodes for clues.

1. You NEVER miss an episode!

If you're addicted, don't worry. We at Wetpaint have the cure: Tons of PLL scoops, duh!


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04.19.2011 / 08:11 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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