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Sofia Black D’Elia and Blaine Morris Dish on Shooting Sex Scenes and the Racy Content on Skins

While the seemingly never-ending Skins US Season 2 wait continues, here’s a sweet new interview with Sofia Black D’Elia (Tea) and Blaine Morris (Betty) from The Fordham Observer. Sofia and Blaine talk about everything from early mornings on set to how strangely non-awkward it was filming their sex scene. We’ve included a sampling of their chat here, but you should def click on over to read the interview in full.

Do you relate to your character of Tea? She appears tough and confident, but at the end of the season, you see she's actually insecure.

Sofia: I think a lot of girls do, whether they realize it or not. She's really cool and pretty and can hang with the guys, but at the end of the day, she still has no idea what she wants. She finds it easier to run away from things then to confront them head on. I think those things are extremely easy for me to relate to, especially the lack of confrontation and the insecurity.

Was it awkward to have sex scenes with a guy and a girl?

Sofia: A bit. I mean it was interesting because I knew they had to be very different. I was trying really hard in both scenes, but there's nothing you can really do except give it your best shot and hope it comes across as true to the moment.

Who was easier to kiss on the show, Blaine…or James Newman (who plays Tony)?

Sofia: Well I'm straight, so it was much easier for me to kiss James than Blaine, but at the end of it, kissing Blaine felt just as easy as kissing a guy because we did it so much and it became so easy. I remember the first time [Blaine and I] had to do a make out scene. We looked at each other and pounded fists and were like, "Let's just do this!"

Do you think some of what's shown on Skins is too racy for television?

Blaine: I've watched every episode of the UK version of the show and they go so much farther than we do because of different censorship rules—there's full frontal nudity. I think we could have gone farther than we did.

Source: The Fordham Observer

04.20.2011 / 03:38 AM EDT by David Connell
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