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Pretty Little Liars

Will Pretty Little Liars Do a Music or Dance Episode?

Murders, mysteries, and musicals don’t exactly mix right? Not usually, but the Pretty Little Liars producers might change that. They’ve considered doing a musical episode or even a ballet show a la Black Swan.

PLL Executive Producer Marlene King told E! Online, "We've actually thought about doing a Black Swan episode because three out of the four Pretty Little Liars are ballet dancers. We're thinking of maybe incorporating that into the show.” A psycho thriller dance episode about jealousy, hallucinations, and good versus evil seems very fitting for PLL. Shay Mitchell (Emily) supports the idea and explained, "I love dancing, so why not?! Let's do all three — acting, singing and dancing!"

But they might take the music route. Marlene added, “They also all sing. They're mutiltalented." Lucy Hale (Aria) already sang last season, but she’d love to again and this time, make a whole episode out of it. She explained, “All the girls have really nice voices. We're going to Glee it up on Pretty Little Liars!"

Either a ballet or music driven episode could work, especially if they get the whole cast involved. Keegan Allen (Toby) knows how to play the piano, he and Brant Daugherty (Noel) both play the guitar, and Brendan Robinson (Lucas) can tap dance. If the PLL producers combine the boys’ talents with those of the little liars, then they can produce a performance in no time! But would you watch it?

Source: E! Online


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04.20.2011 / 07:52 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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