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American Idol

American Idol Top 7: Best and Worst Performances

While last night’s “Songs of the 21st Century” theme didn’t result in any real trainwrecks, it also didn’t have anything truly spectacular. While it’s hard to guess who will be safe (except for Scotty) or who won’t (except for Stefano), we’re going to go ahead and name our picks for the two best and one worst performances of the night.

Best All-Around: Not only did Haley make the best song choice of the night, but she also sang it extremely well. It a deliciously risky move to pick a song that’s so current and such a big hit, but it paid off. After the non-event of last week’s Blondie performance, Haley took a huge step in the right direction with “Rolling In The Deep.”

Boldest Move: Let’s hear it for The Durbz! While we didn’t love every moment of his “post-apocalyptic protest” performance of Muse’s “Uprising” (some of those high-notes were uncomfortably glass-shattering), we have to give James credit for always doing songs he loves in the way he wants to do them. And if nothing else, he was, as usual, certainly entertaining.

And our pick for the worst of the night:

Sorry, Stefano. While his performance of Ne-Yo’s “Closer” certainly wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t great. As usual, his song choice was nothing special — we keep wishing he’d pick something a little more unexpected. The vocal was merely passable and his “swag” felt a little forced. We’ll be shocked if he doesn’t end up in the bottom three tonight.

04.21.2011 / 09:47 PM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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