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Dancing With The Stars

Hines Ward Gets Romantic With Kym Johnson Every Day

Do we finally have a real will they/won’t they couple of Dancing With the Stars Season 12?

We love obsessing over Mark Ballaslove life, but it’s pretty clear but he and Chelsea Kane are attached elsewhere, so they’re not the couple. Romeo flirts a lot with Chelsie Hightower, but she still seems to see him as a little brother. Chris Jericho, Kendra Wilkinson, and Ralph Macchio are already married. Kirstie Alley definitely seems into Maksim Chmerkovskiy and we love the idea of some cougar action, but after the Week 5 Results Show it’s pretty clear Maks’ number one love is Maks.

However, Hines Ward isn’t married. Kym Johnson isn’t married. They may have significant others elsewhere that we don’t know about (something about Kym dating a mysterious British guy?) but right now they have each other. Kym is the cutest Aussie ever and her last partner, David Hasselhoff, tried to date her when he was sent home first on Season 11. Kym seemed to let him down gently, but she’s a catch. And Hines is definitely more of a catch than The Hoff (no offense, man, love ya!).

They are a gorgeous couple to look at and have obvious chemistry, which helped propel them to the top of the judges’ leaderboard once again this week with their romantic American Week Rumba. And if they can get past farting at each other in rehearsals, they have the stuff of a good relationship.

Hines & Kym spoke to Access Hollywood about their Rumba and where the romance could go from here. “The Rumba has to be sexy and romantic, so I try to almost tongue her down, almost,” Hines said.

They were asked if their chemistry extended off the dance floor, or if that was something the show discouraged. (As if!)

“There’s no rules like that, but you do spend a lot of time with each other and we have fun,” Kym said. “I try to be romantic every day I see her, but it’s not working,” Hines said. “She’s not buying it “

Buy it, Kym! Buy it! This match is a touchdown just waiting for the right pass to happen...

Source: Access Hollywood


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