The Best Quirks of America’s Next Top Model
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America's Next Top Model

The Best Quirks of America’s Next Top Model

As with any long-term relationship, when show has been through 16 seasons, there's bound to be a few quirks that pop up. Here are six of our absolute favorites from America's Next Top Model.

1. Jay literally uses the word "literally" a million times per episode.
See how that's not really literal, though? We adore Jay and his artistic direction, but there are days where his use of the L word spins wildly out of control. He fond of throwing it around as a general point of emphasis, but when the count gets up to five, it only emphasizes the word itself.

2. Guest judges who appear for five minutes get top billing.
Sonia Dara and Alek Wek were both guest judges this cycle, but we didn't see either one until the end of the show. Couldn't Tyra have given them something to do? Both are pretty accomplished models who have broken racial barriers. They probs have some stuff to talk about.

3. Makeover Day is more exciting than the finale.
Right? The end is fun and all, but at that point, the ride is over. You know who you're pulling for. Makeover Day is when we're all still testing the waters with the models, figuring out who's got the goods to at least make it one more episode after her new bob. Plus, part of human evolution includes a deep fascination with looking at before and after photos. Will we ever tire of the girls who cry, the girls who moan, the girls who squeal with excitement? Or Miss J, who subtly and overtly makes fun of them all? No.

4. No one is ever right about the Tyra Mail.
Or at least it seems that way. The Tyra Mail succeeds in being both cryptic and totally obvious. Example from last cycle: "It's one thing to get on top, but can you stay there? Love, Tyra." Swimming and floating were two of the possibilities discussed in the house. But dangling from a harness like a fallen angel was the correct answer, so maybe the producers weren't even sure what was happening yet.

5. We've all come to terms with the fact that "top" is a relative term.
You know that saying about the journey being more important than the destination? We think the person who made that up watched a lot of reality television. There's no doubt that some of these contestants — particularly Adrianne Curry, Eva Pigford, Yaya DaCosta, Elyse Sewell, and CariDee English — have reaped some big benefits from appearing on ANTM. The prizes — IMG, CoverGirl, Vogue — are also pretty flippin' sweet. But let's be honest, for most of us, the word "next" is the most important part of the show's title. If we were content just watching a model's blossoming career, we could've stopped at Adrianne.

6. Andre Leon Talley.
Imagine for a moment Janice Dickinson giving a guided tour of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper last cycle. Hard, right? Now imagine for a moment someone telling you five years ago that there would be a guided tour of The Last Supper on ANTM. Hard, right? No offense to Ms. Dickinson, Twiggy or Paulina, but Andre is the only one who seems to have carved a perfectly quirky niche sitting on Tyra’s right. What’s great about the kimono-clad judge is that he doesn’t so much sling insults as he does slay with his extensive vocabulary and good taste. He throws around a few French words, talks about fancy fashions, and continues to make a living at more than one place of employment throwing around French words and talking about fancy fashions. Somehow, these quirks make the show more credible. Who isn't waiting to hear what he has to say?

We know you must have a few fave quirks, too. We want to hear from you!


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