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American Idol

Aliens, David Cook, and the Elimination We All Saw Coming: Recap of American Idol Top 7 Results

Next, after we saw a behind-the-scenes segment of the Idols relaxing — a Dodger game, bowling, and a spa day, not bad! — it was time for more results. Ryan called Lauren, James, and Stefano to center stage, and as we figured, Stefano was sent to the Stools of Shame, while the other two were safe.

That left only Haley and Scotty, and in the least surprising moment of the night, Scotty was declared safe, leaving Haley to round out the Bottom 3. However, Ryan barely let Haley's booty touch her Stool of Shame before whispering in her ear that she was, in fact, safe. Thanks, Ryan, for not making us fret over our girl for too long!

The second guest performance of the night was Katy Perry (who pre-taped last week) performing “E.T.” in full light-up alien regalia, and featuring unanounced Kanye West! Awesome. Pretty much half of Yeezy’s verse was bleeped, but since Steven was on good behavior tonight, we guess someone had to keep the censors on their toes. [Watch Katy Perry and Kanye West's performance here.]

So, finally, it was down to Jacob or Stefano, both of whose eliminations we’ve been predicting for weeks... and The Little Wild Card that could finally went down, as Stefano was eliminated in seventh place. The other contestants, especially James, looked stricken, but Stefano was cheerful, and his singout of “Lately” was the best performance we’ve seen from him in weeks. As he finished, The Durbz scooped him off his feet into a bear hug while the rest of the newly determined Top 6 swarmed in for a group hug.

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

Last night, the Idols sang Songs of the 21st Century. Tonight, our Lucky 7 had to be cut down to an Even Luckier 6. But first, there was drama, guest performances, and product placement to get through.

Judge fashion check! Randy in an American flag-emblazoned t-shirt, Jennifer and Steven both in black sparkles — a tiny black crocodile skin-looking dress for her, a hippie shirt for him.

Next week, the Idols take on the music of singer-songwriter Carole King. It seems like an odd theme for this group, but it should definitely force some of the contestants out of their comfort zones, so no complaints from us!

What do you think, Wetpaint-ers? Did the right contestant go home? What did you think of David Cook and Katy Perry’s performances? Let us know in the comments!

The first musical performance of the night came courtesy of Lauren, Haley, Stefano, and Jacob on Train’s ubiquitous “Hey Soul Sister.” It was cheesy goodness, complete with synchronized swaying and arm-waving.

Afterward, we were treated to Casey, Scotty, and James on “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, which was musically better than the first performance, but equally as dorky. Obviously, we loved it.

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The first results of the night were delivered to Casey and Jacob, who Ryan didn’t even bother bringing to center stage but just had stand up on the couches. “America wants more of the soft lips,” Ryan said — Casey was safe, which made Jacob the first contestant in the bottom 3.

After the commercial break, Season 7 champ David Cook premiered his new single “The Last Goodbye,” an uber-catchy uptempo pop-rock confection. DC was looking fly in a black jacket, and after the performance he took a few minutes to pimp both his sophomore album This Loud Morning (out June 28) and the Race for Hope, his upcoming charity event. David also took the opportunity to introduce his mom to Steven Tyler... aw! [Watch David Cook's performance here.]

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