Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Top 5 Studliest Ricky Moments From Secret Life Season 3, Episode 18: “Another Proposal”

Stud: A bad boy with a penchant for breaking hearts. Misunderstood is a must, serial cheater in a plus! Motorcycle jackets, Ray Bans, and a bad attitude preferable. Chin dimples = bonus!

Ricky is all of the above and even more. We’ve rounded up his most studerific moments from Monday’s Secret Life of The American Teenager episode for you to relive. Sigh, sexy memories! Get ready to swoon.

1. So studly he still looks A+ during a lazy make out sesh. Leave it to Ricky to look hot even when he’s totally not into hooking up. When Amy busts into Ricky’s pad ready to give up her virginity (round II), Ricky’s just not having it — but he still manages to look hunky while half-heartedly making out with her. Amy’s pulling all sorts of fancy moves: She breaks out her lingerie, she sticks her fingers in Ricky’s open mouth — basically, she gets her sex-kitten on. But as hard as Amy tries to impress, our eyes are on her man. How does this stud do it?

2. So studly he’ll make out with his girlfriend even though her dad’s in the room. Ricky is such a rock-hard stud that he doesn’t give a crap when Amy’s dad is in the room watching them hook up. Sure, Ricky was kinda rejecting Ames, but honestly, we all know he’d have no prob baby-making right in front of George. While Amy’s freaking about about her dad’s creepy behavior, Ricky’s all, “Whatevs, ain’t no thang.”

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

3. So studly he’d cheat on Amy just to shut her up. What does Ricky do when he has a problem? Hang and bang it out with some rando girl, that’s what! Amy’s all up on Ricky’s six pack about getting married, but Ricky’s so not ready to walk down the aisle! What better way to get your pesky girlfriend to back off than sleeping with a hot babe? We admire Ricky’s adherence to the Stud Code of Ethics, but let’s hope he doesn’t follow through with this plan. Don’t break Amy’s heart, Ricky!

4. So studly that he can get away with lace curtains. What would happen if Jason Priestly and Martha Stewart had a love child? Ricky Underwood. The fact that Ricky’s house is decorated like Betty White’s is all kids of weird, but he can totes get away with it. You win Ricky, OK? Go to town with your lace curtains and gourmet meals — we love you no matter how many flowers you arranged today.

5. So studly his neck vein throbs when he’s mad. When Ricky and Amy argue on the phone about getting married, his bulging veins are seriously about to explode out of his neck. He’s like the hulk, but instead of taking bad guys’ lives, he takes good girls’ virginities. When did this boy get so muscular? It must have something to do with all that “working out” (read: sexing) he does all day.

At this point we need to redefine our definition of stud to “boys named Ricky." Tune in next week for a new roundup of Ricky’s biggest bad boy moments!