Will Pauly D Grab Top Jersey Shore Earning Spot From The Situation?
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Jersey Shore

Will Pauly D Grab Top Jersey Shore Earning Spot From The Situation?

There's no doubt that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino jumped on top of the branding empire scheme early. As a result, the Jersey Shore star out-earned all his cast mates last year, raking in a multi-million dollar net worth in 2010. But, Season 3 brought a lot of heat on Mike for, well, kind of being a d-bag. He earned himself the nickname "The Snitchuation" and, rumor had it, most of the cast was still annoyed with him at the reunion show taping a couple of months ago.

In contrast, Pauly D has won over the hearts of cast members and fans alike, scoring his own spin-off show, and proving his talent as a DJ by securing a residency at the Palms Resort and Casino. Since The Situation has a bunch of endorsements under his belt, but not much else in the works in terms of a back-up show or that budding action movie career he's been talking about, Pauly D might be in position to steal his top-earning spot in 2011.

Pauly's earning $40,000 per DJ set, and gets gigs 3-6 times a week, according to Life & Style. Figure in a potential record deal with 50 Cent and a possible guest appearance on Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour, and Pauly's really raking it in. "He makes at least $500,000 a month," a source told the mag.

Whoa! $500K a month times twelve months? That's a lot of hair gel and DJ equipment! But, we're less than halfway through 2011. Maybe Mike will land a few starring roles in some Michael Bay flicks and catch up. Um...yeah.

Source: Life & Style


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