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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 Reasons Ricky Should Say Yes To Amy

Everyone’s always harping on about how Amy and Ricky should definitely not get hitched on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Yeah, yeah, they’re too young, they’ll probably end up divorced, and he’s not exactly Mr. Commitment — but we thought it was about time to put together a list of reasons why these two confuzzled love-birds should say “I do!” C’mon, someone has to be on the side of romance, right?

1. They should do it for their kiddo! Amy and Ricky have a baby together, so what better reason do they need to get hitched than the product of their geeked-out band camp romp? Baby John may not say many words, but you know he’s thinking: “Ugh, get married already.” Ricky + Amy + Baby = one big happy fam!

2. They’re an adorable couple! You have to admit it, Ricky and Amy are one super hot pair of renties. When you get two people that attractive and put them in the same room, they’re bound to procreate the night away, so marriage is the next logical step! First comes (making) love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage! Amy and Ricky just mixed it up a little bit....

3. Ricky can prove his love for Amy! We’re all a little doubtful of this bad boy’s intentions right now. In last week's Secret Life episode, Ricky straight-up said that he might cheat on Amy. Pshhh, we don’t believe it for a second! Ricky needs to prove his undying love by putting a ring on it. ‘Til death do them part, ya’ll!

4. Ricky can shed his bad boy rep! Ricky has quite the reputation as a ladies’ man, and it’s about time he matures up and gets his responsibility on! Nothing says “grown up” like having a wedding band shoved on your finger. Let’s just hope no one decides to throw Ricky a bachelor party, because then all our plans are out the window along with Ricky’s boxer shorts and dignity.

5. Amy would make a beautiful bride! We’ve been obsessed with planning Adrian’s wedding, but she’s not the only Secret Life babe we’d love to dress up. We want to pick out Amy’s wedding dress too! Wouldn’t she make a lovely bride? Correction: She already did make a lovely bride. Dang, we always forget that this ain’t her first rodeo.

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