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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Creator Signs Onto a New Reality Show

After careful consideration of what project to take on after Jersey Shore's insane success story, co-creator and producer SallyAnn Salsano has finally slapped her name onto another show. She'll produce the new Spike TV series Repo Games. The show follows repo men Josh Lewis and Tom DeTome as they tell people they will be repossessing their vehicles, unless they can correctly answer 3 of 5 trivia questions, in which case they'll get to keep their cars, payment free.

According to SallyAnn, the show plays out as if Jeopardy and Jay Leno's Jaywalking segments had a baby. Josh and Tom are real repo men, not some hack game show hosts, who SallyAnn is hoping to turn into household names, just like the Jersey Shore cast. "It's not like we called up a Hollywood agency. Howie Mandel would not go out and do this show," SallyAnn stressed to the New York Daily News.

She says about half of the people who wind up on the show successfully win back their cars. "It's everyday people, who normally wouldn't have a chance, getting a chance," SallyAnn explains. "It's roulette TV. Anything could happen. Sometimes they're happy, sometimes not so happy. It's kind of a show like Cops — it's not one you're striving to be on." Um, or a show like Jersey Shore? (Sorry, Sally, low blow. We're sure lots of girls are dying to the smush of the night writhing under covers on night vision camera.)

Ultimately, SallyAnn says, "The thing we do we find real people in real situations who are fearless." That's one way of describing the Jersey Shore cast...

We wonder if the macaroni rascals could correctly answer the trivia questions on Repo Games. We're sure eventually their overnight success will catch up to them, and they'll start buying cars they can't pay for. Here's hoping, anyway.

Source: New York Daily News


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