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Karofsky Returns to the Principal’s Office in Glee’s “Born This Way”

‘Memba in “Furt” when Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) ends up in Principal Sue’s office with his father, Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Kurt’s father (Mike O’Malley)?

Expect a similar scene in tomorrow night’s “Born This Way” — but with a different outcome. "I can't really spill what happens in that scene," Adler said to TV Guide. "But it felt like this United Nations meeting. You have the fathers and sons and the principal and teachers. You're aware of who commands respect and who's backing off, who's trying to do what. There's this great tension that everybody feels in this circle that adds to the final result. I felt most proud of that scene as far as the whole body of work on Glee."

As for Karofsky’s father, Max explained that he’s not some jerky, domineering meathead: "He's obviously a very loving father who is concerned for his son," Adler said. "He knows about his grades, the groups he's involved with, the teams he's playing on. I like the fact that Ryan Murphy chose to not make him what everyone thought — including me — as this beer-drinking, abusive, berating father. It was a more interesting choice to have him actually be the loving, supportive, caring father to show that Karofsky's fears aren't really coming from home. It's more society that's really scaring him into denying who he is."

Watch Dave’s transformation during “Born This Way,” airing tomorrow night, April 26.

Source: TV Guide

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