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Photos! The Cast of Glee Takes Over NYC: Part One

On Monday, April 25, the cast of Glee hit the NYC streets as they filmed the final episodes for Season Two. In a Mary Tyler Moore-inspired ensemble of a crayola-colored coat, Mulberry for Target bag, and Miss Albright lemon wedges, Lea Michele took to Times Squares to shoot with co-star Cory Monteith. The pint-sized star tweeted, "Now it's time to get movin because my dream of shooting Glee in NYC is finally coming true! Hope u r ready NYC...Miss Rachel Berry is here!!"


Meanwhile, the other cast members spent their time hanging out in Duffy Square. And while they were clearly dressed in costume, the gang couldn't resist goofing off as themselves in between takes. If you're anything like us, you'd give your right arm (or BOTH arms) to spend time with this super-fun group!