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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 SEX-iest Quotes From Secret Life Season 3, Episode 19: ”Deeper and Deeper!”

You can bet the SEX-y talk was at an all time high in last night’s eppy of Secret Life of The American Teenager, because Grace and Grant finally did the deed! And it was ahhhh-mazing. These kids can’t stop talking about doing the nasty, and now they’ve finally made it happen!

We’ve recounted the SEX-iest lines from last night’s hot n’ heavy eppy. Get ready to blush!

1. Adrian doubts Ricky’s attraction to Amy: “I heard she offered to have sex with you and you didn’t want to have sex with her. So, maybe you are just friends.”

Ricky’s never not wanted to have sex with someone before, so he’s all kinds of confused. He’s like what is this “friendship” thing...?

2. Toby: “Ever had sex with a guy?”
Ashley (aka The Dark One): “No.”
Toby: “Any girl on girl action?”
Ashley: No!

C’mon Ash–– we could totes see you getting a little experimental!

3. Grace is worried about her girl parts’ super powers: “Wait, you’re not afraid that if I have sex you’re going to die too, are you?”

We’re all a little afraid, Grace. Watch your back, Kathleen.

Credit: ABC Family    

4. Grace, after her romp with Grant: “I love having sex.”

She used to love religion. Now she just loves the missionary.

5. Madison to Jack: “Are you, like, actually turning me down for sex?”

Stay away from him, Maddy! He might have an STI!