Peyton Wright Talks Bachelor Pad and “Love of My Life” Chris Lambton
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The Bachelorette

Peyton Wright Talks Bachelor Pad and “Love of My Life” Chris Lambton

We know Bachelor fans love Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright, 'cause the couple is dominating our "Which 'Succeessful' Couple From The Bachelor or Bachelorette Is Your Favorite?" poll with more than 120,000 votes.

So we were thrilled to stumble across this April 22 interview with Peyton on Karen Stivali’s site.

Peyton had her first memorable moment on The Bachelor circuit during Season 10 when Andy Baldwin abandoned her on an aircraft carrier. But new fans probably know her best from Bachelor Pad Season 1, where she developed a brother-sister friendship with Bachelorette Season 6 hottie Jesse Beck. After the show, Peyton says she went back to working as a sales rep for Varsity, selling cheer and dance apparel in East Texas.

Here are two fun excerpts from Peyton’s interview:

How did the experience of filming Bachelor Pad differ from your Bachelor
experience? Was it easier/harder/more or less fun?
Peyton Wright: Bachelor Pad was completely different from Bachelor. It was easier to relax and have a good time because we had been there before. It was hard because we didn’t know what to expect. Having guys and girls in the same house was much more fun. We didn’t have as much catty female drama because the guys really kept it mellow. Competing for money was much more realistic than competing for a man and we all really had a good time. I loved Bachelor Pad!! We had the greatest group to test the waters for the first season.

What unexpected thing happened as a result of being on these shows?
Friends? A new way of looking at things?
Peyton: My season of Bachelor was 4 years ago so I wasn’t a name people really remembered. I was not a part of the reunions or trips so I thought I would be completely outcast from the existing groups of friends. I was so wrong! I made the most wonderful friends and really have such respect for all of my cast mates. When you watch the show, you only get to see a glimpse into our lives. I was so surprised and loved getting to know more than what I saw about these people on television. It taught me not to be so quick to judge and there is more to a person than a first impression. I also ended up meeting my boyfriend and love of my life in a roundabout way because of the show. Jesse Beck introduced me to Chris Lambton and I have never been so happy!

Awww! So cute! Read the full interview for more from Peyton, including her fave foods. (Tip: If you ever meet her, offer a Coke, not a Pepsi... )


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