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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ricky and Amy Get Closer! Secret Life Recap: Season 3, Episode 19 “Deeper and Deeper”

OMG, Secret Lifers! We’ve been waiting all week for Ricky to give Amy an answer to her proposal — and it finally happened! Annnnd... what a let down. Ricky says “we’ll see” which is hardly the “hellz yeah!” we were hoping for.

Sigh, we had our fingers crossed for a Ramy and Badrian double wedding. Luckily, there was so much sexy drama in last night’s Secret Life of The American Teenager episode that we’re totally over the disappointment. Check out Wetpaint’s recap!

If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Friends

Uh oh, is it just us, or are Amy and Adrian getting a little competitive? It’s like The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills: Preggo Teens edition. These two hot mamas are gearing up for one hell of a cat fight. Could they be any more jealous of each other? First of all, Adrian reminds Amy that she’s slept with Ben and Ricky, like, a gazillion times. Then she brings up the fact that Ricky rejected Amy’s sexual advances. Way to be a beeyotch, Adrian! These gals might be at war, but Adrian does give Amy some words of wisdom about Ricky — withdraw her proposal and move in with him instead. Sounds like a fab idea!

Amy comes up with a plan to get her man right where she wants him: reverse psychology! She works her magic with a sexy dress and some home-cooked meat sauce, and Ricky just can’t resist (we all know how he loves his meat). Amy even gets her baby daddy to suggest that they shack up instead of getting hitched. Looks like Adrian’s tips worked — it’s all about playing hard to get, ladies.

To return the favor, Amy gives Adrian advice on how to deal with Ben (or Benny, as Adrian calls him). They’re on the hunt for a perfect condo, but Ben’s a little reluctant to commit. Poor dude doesn’t want to move out of the sausage empire until he’s good and ready! Ben finally comes clean about why — he has tons of sentimental memories about his mom in his childhood home. Awww... sad face! Being the great baby mama that she is, Adrian’s super supportive of Ben. These guys are shaping up to be a pretty adorbz couple, huh? Their kiss was 100 percent tender luvin.’

Spice Up Your Life!

Meanwhile, the other Juergens sister (or “the dark one” as her study buddy would say) is having some trouble in home-schooling paradise. Ashley meets her advisor Mr. Malkovich, a vaguely British old man with an amazing plaid suit. Mr. M clearly thinks Ash is a shut-in, friendless loser, and is desperate to get her some besties. Girlfriend needs to join Twitter stat!

Luckily, George is on the case! He finds a nerdy hipster named Toby (Prom’s Jared Kusnitz) to be Ash’s “study buddy.” And guess what? We finally get the low-down on Ash’s weird accent! It turns out she’s been faking British to differentiate herself from everyone else around her — just like Toby. These two misfits become fast friends after immediately hashing through their sexual history. Who wants to place bets on how long it takes them to hook up?

Ash might have finally found herself a bff, but George is bored out of his mind so makes a date with Nora! Wait, why is she leading him on like this? George gets a reality check when Nora’s ol’ ball and chain breaks up the party with a steamy girl-on-girl kiss. Hmmm, we know she’s a lesbian and all, but could you sense just a hint of chemistry between Nora and George? As The Biebz would say, never say never!

Tonight Is The Night When 2 Become 1!

Let’s get back to the real action and check in with Grace and Grant: Secret Life’s resident sex-oholics. Grant’s renties are booking it out of town, and you know what that means! Time to get it on! Kathleen’s a little worried about Grace doing the nasty with Grant, and she has good reason, after all — last time Grace got down and dirty, her dad died. Do we have to be worried about Kathleen’s safety? Dun dun duuuuuuun!

Clearly, Grace is wiling to risk it, because she and Grant eat some pizza, light a few romantic candles and get frisky! And guess what? The sex is ah-mazing! Seriously, Grace won’t shut up about it. Sigh, why do we only get to see the morning-after shot? At least let us check out Grant shirtless, jeez!

While G-Unit are getting it on, Jack and Madison’s physical relationship is going nowhere fast. Jack totally rejects Maddy’s advances because he thinks that if they have sex, she’ll catch marriage fever and lock him in for life. Totally understandable. Meanwhile, Madison’s other half, Lauren, is on the rebound with a hunky new piece of man candy who we can’t wait to learn more about. It looks like Jesse is a little jealous, so there’s bound to be some dramz!

We can’t wait for next week’s all-new episode — and we have a very important question on our minds: Is Ricky going to college? He isn’t planning on it, but Katelyn might kick his bad boy butt into gear and force him to apply. OMG, is he gonna leave Amy and Baby John to get his edumacation on? Say it ain’t so!