Sara Ramirez Schools Barbara Walters on Sexual Identity
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Grey's Anatomy

Sara Ramirez Schools Barbara Walters on Sexual Identity

We're a little confused about why our favorite harpies over at The View continue to invite guests on the show for an "interview," when they seem determined to do as little listening as possible. The girls — and we use that term loosely — spend most of the segment talking over each other (and the guest), or, if Barbara's present, tensely acquiescing to her sputtering half-sentence trains of thought.

Leave it to Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) to set Barbara Walters straight on the sexual identity dynamics of the two queer characters on the show, Callie and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Babs, well-intentioned, brought up how far the show had come since TR Knight quit after Isaiah Washington threw around gay slurs on set. And now, Sara, herself was "playing a lesbian," as Barbara put it. Whoa. Hold the phone. Cue passionate correction by Sara.

"Callie Torres is in a lesbian relationship. She's bisexual," Ramirez clarified. "I think if we're gonna put labels [on it], which I personally don't like, but if were going to go there, she has slept with men most of her life, and now she's in love with a woman. So, I think she's somebody who sees past the gender and loves the essence of the person, and I think that's what it's mostly about."

Barbara attempted to interrupt with some wheezy mumblings about "how society has the show has changed..." but Sara barreled right on through.

"I mean we have the character of Arizona, who has known she was a lesbian her whole life, is a lesbian, embraces it, loves it, an empowered woman, and it's beautiful to see these two in this relationship as its going to continue to unfold," she said.

So, uh, what exactly is going to go down as their relationship unfolds? The Grey's star stayed mum on the future, of course. "It's Shondaland. It's a roller coaster ride, and you kind of have to just hold on to your seats and go with it," she says. "I hope they don't write me out!"

After such a passionate rant in support of anti-label fluidity, we think Shonda may hold onto Callie for awhile. We're surprised The View didn't play her out with "Born This Way." And, for those of you wondering, Elizabeth Hasselbeck stayed curiously quiet during this entire line of questioning. Yeah, we're impressed, too!

Source: SheWired


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