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The Bachelor

Chantal O’Brien “Not Surprised” About Brad Womack and Emily Maynard’s Rumored Breakup

Out of all the women from The Bachelor Season 15, runner-up Chantal O'Brien has been the quietest about her post-show life. Like Brad Womack, she has quit Twitter, and she probably won't go back.

However, fellow Season 15 bachelorette Ashley Spivey encouraged Chantal to do a guest-blogging stint for her site, Say No to Cosmo. Instead of holding back, Chantal opened up about about her time on the show, her thoughts about Brad and Emily, and her own relationship status.

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At the end of her candid blog, Chantal answers some no-holds-barred questions — and that's where things get really interesting.

Q: What do you think of all the problems and rumored breakups that Brad and Emily have had?
Chantal: Here is the deal… I could be very PC in my answers to you, but let’s be real… If you liked me on the show at all it’s because I didn’t give BS responses, right? Let’s hope so. The truth is I’m not surprised at all. I don’t know the actual status of their relationship, but I am guessing it isn’t all rainbows. It’s hard to watch the person you just got engaged to make out and date other girls! Add to that the BS tabloid stuff! Most couples that have a solid foundation would struggle, let alone a new relationship. Are any of us surprised?

Q: Are you and Jeff [Razore] still in love?
Chantal: Yes! I have met the love of my life and could not be happier!

What is it this week with Bachelor vets and "love of my life" comments? First Peyton Wright and now Chantal. We're happy for you, ladies, but leave some decent guys for the rest of us!

And here's one more answer, which a certain Michelle Money may be interested in:

Q: Who did you not like in the house?
Chantal: Isn’t that one obvious? I don’t like feeling like someone is nice to my face and then goes behind my back to say how they really feel. I am a direct person and I appreciate that in return. Let’s be honest with ourselves, though, in this life we wont like everyone and we can’t expect everyone to like us. So let’s just be who we are and let the chips fall where they may.

Read the full blog for a lot more from Chantal, including how her father got her on the show and what she felt when she first met Brad. Yes, we noticed the “instant chemistry” — and so did Emily!

Source: Say No to Cosmo

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04.27.2011 / 01:25 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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