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Max Adler Teases a Change for Karofsky in Glee’s “Born This Way”

Kurt (Chris Colfer) returns to New Directions in tonight’s episode of Glee. But even with that major happening, all eyes will be on Karofsky (Max Adler). That’s because McKinley’s homophobic bully will be coming to terms with his own sexuality — a transformation that promises be epic, according to Adler.

“I’ll tell you this: Santana is involved in what happens in ‘Born This Way,’” Adler tells Vanity Fair. “Not necessarily with what happens with Karofsky. But she has a big part in the episode — one that ends up affecting him, but not as directly as you may think.” Interesting. And not totally outside of the realm of rumors about the episode that we’ve already heard.

As for real-life nice guy Max Adler, he’s all about speaking out about gay and lesbian causes, which have become especially important to him since playing a closeted teen on Glee.

“I’m representing such a large group of people who are looking to this character for connection or answers, or just to be validated in their own feelings and thoughts,” he says. “With so many eyes on the show and on that character — well, like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. So I felt like I had to step up and speak out and get involved with spreading the word while I can, and while I have this Glee platform.”

He adds, “It’s a TV show, yeah. It’s entertainment. But it can also be used as an educational tool, with spreading awareness.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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Check out Santana shaking things up in tonight's "Born This Way"!

04.27.2011 / 03:27 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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