Sunset Daze: A Senior Citizen Jersey Shore?
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Jersey Shore

Sunset Daze: A Senior Citizen Jersey Shore?

Generally speaking, we're over all the Jersey Shore-inspired spin-offs, like K-Town and Geordie Shore and Brighton Beach. They'll never be as good as the original, and there's only room for one Snooki in our hearts. But, we'll make an exception for this one. Sunset Daze is the latest Shore-inspired docu-series, and WE TV is airing it with the promotion "The Golden Girls Meets Jersey Shore." Yup, it's about senior citizens — and they've got nicknames!

Unfortunately, the show doens't follow guidette grannies, but it does follow a crop of seniors (with the girl group nicknaming themselves "The Hos") living in Surprise, Arizona's luxury retirement community, Sun City Grand. Think less hot-tubbing, smushing, and clubbing, and more raunchy old people sending off scintillating one-liners that just might make Betty White blush.

"Rules are made to be broken," resident fire-cracker Joanne Hauncher, 63, sounds off. "I’m too old to be spanked. Wait. Scratch that!" Ohhh boy.

Other cast members include Gail Liebowitz, a retired NYC actress, who spends a lot of time with her son going to the gay rodeo and hanging out with a couple of drag queens; LaWanda Price, a former dancer who goes by the nickname Hot Legs; Mr. Zells, resident lech who attends a singles club and goes by Mr. Romeo; Sandy Miracle-Jones, leader of "The Hos," whose go-to drink is a "double pinot grigio"; and her golfing buds Ida Ho (native of the state) and Slow Ho (hip-replacement Ho).

Sunset Daze premieres tonight on WE TV. Get excited. We are!

Source: New York Times


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