ANTM Alum and Husband Air Dirty Laundry on Dr. Phil
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Alum and Husband Air Dirty Laundry on Dr. Phil

Occasionally, the planets align themselves in such a manner that results in an epic merger of all shows trashy. This is one of those times. America's Next Top Model alum Michelle Deighton, recently back in the news thanks to her short-lived stint on WWE Tough Enough (the search for the next WWE star), is married to Survivor villain Jonny Fairplay (who earned his bad boy title by lying about his grandmother's death to avoid getting voted off or something).

The two have a toddler together, and Michelle quit Tough Enough because she missed her daughter and wanted to be with her. Apparently, though, there was trouble at home, because the couple recently made an appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil entitled "Reality TV Stars' Real Life Drama." Cue some nonsensical Southern adages dressed up and called "therapy."

Evidently, the couple was seeking Dr. Phil's marital counseling because they fight over just about everything, and eventually the arguments devolve into character assassinations centered around Michelle's laziness and childish attitude and Jonny being a mama's boy and an old fart (he's a curmudgeonly 36 to her 24).

"We don’t have conversations, and when we do, they don’t stay calm very long," Michelle admitted on the show. "The tone he uses is like he’s talking down. I hate it."

According to Jonny, Michelle's also a bit of a slob and it adds another source of tension to their union. Well, duh, Jonny, don't you see how those models live? Michelle's rebuttal? "I have a full-time job, I’m a full-time student and I have a 3-year-old daughter. I’m the president of the Teach Club at my college. I’m in the Student Leadership program. I volunteer and I’m in a play that’s opening next weekend. When I come home, instead of doing dishes, instead of cleaning up a mess, I’m going to get on the floor and play with my baby girl." Geez, how do the Teen Moms do it? Seriously though, as former reality stars, can't these two ostensibly afford a maid?

Dr. Phil's advice to the couple he nicknamed "The Bickersons" was to fight towards a resolution (not just tearing each other down) and work in a partnership, rather than Jonny imparting his "wisdom" on his much younger and less experienced wifey. Um, that sounded helpful...thanks, Dr. Phil!

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