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The Vampire Diaries

Julie Plec: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Will Be “The Year of the Originals”

Now that we know a bit more about Klaus — and that The Vampire Diaries was renewed for Season 3 — our minds are reeling. Will the Originals still be around come fall? We’re obvi kind of hoping at least one of them will be gone forever (Team Bonnie all the way!), but we have a feeling sending the most powerful vampire on the planet to his final resting place might not be so simple.

TVD producer Julie Plec chatted with Zap2It about the fate of the oldest vampires ever, and while she didn’t give a straight yes-or-no, we think the future looks pretty bright for the OVs. (Although ‘bright’ probably isn’t the right word — we still don’t know the whole truth about this sun and moon curse business, but we do think they’ll still be wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls!)

“[Whether to include the Originals in season 3] is a decision that gets made when we break story for Season 3, which happens after I get back from Mexico,” Plec laughs. She also tells TVLine Season 3 is “the year of the Originals.” Ooooh.

But, when it comes to this show, nothing is ever for sure. For example, Plec dishes that the Originals’ complicated mythology took a U-turn when one uber-talented actor rocked his role, and she decided to do some quick re-writing to keep him around. “We didn’t have the true mythology of how to kill an original worked out and then we introduced Elijah and freakin’ Dan Gillies walks in that door in the big old haunted house in the suit and he has the accent and everything about him is so great, and we were like ‘Well! We can’t make him easy to kill,’” Plec says. But she also didn’t want the other characters “to look stupid for not being able to get rid of him,” so — presto, chango! — producers decided then and there to make the Originals immortal. “It’s honestly because of Dan and the work that he did,” she gushes.

One decision that was much simpler: The brilliant idea to make Elijah and Klaus brothers. Brilly, we say! And although Plec says the estranged siblings won’t come face-to-face on tonight’s episode, fans better be prepared for when they do meet again.

“The show, at its core, is about family,” Plec says. “It’s about the love of family. It was interesting to play in the 1400s, obviously, [and] there’s a different hierarchy going on when we meet again in the modern day. There will be a very different dynamic between the two I think.”

This is one family reunion we definitely don’t want to miss!

Source: Zap2It, TVLine

04.28.2011 / 10:38 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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