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OMG, “Lucy Caboosey”! Lauren Zizes’s Most Outrageous Moments From Glee’s “Born This Way”

We suppose there’s a reason why Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) is wearing that “Bad Attitude” t-shirt at the end of the episode! With Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) M.I.A. this week, Lauren is more than happy to fill her larger-than-life shoes, dishing out insults and taking mudslinging to new heights. Here are Lauren’s top three most jaw-dropping moments from “Born This Way.” Sue would be proud!

Credit: via Mark Salling's Twitter    

3. Lauren decides to run for prom queen
Just when we’re beginning to think Quinn (Dianna Agron) might be a shoo-in for prom queen, a few contenders emerge, none more surprising than Lauren. Then again, being shocked that Lauren loves the spotlight is like, say, being shocked when the Oscar nominations are announced and Vin Diesel’s name isn’t there.

2. Lauren uncovers Quinn’s past
Digging up dirt on your opponent is an election tradition as time-honored as kissing babies or pretending to still like your spouse. It’s just that we had no idea that Quinn had hidden such a juicy past! It’s especially harsh of Lauren to plaster those posters of Quinn’s former self all over the school, but as we all know, Lauren doesn’t really do “gentle.”

1. Lauren actually used to be... nice?
Perhaps our favorite moment of the night is that flashback to a younger (and seemingly sass-free!) Lauren doing pullups to win toddler beauty pageants. Who knew that she was once a smiley, pink taffeta-sporting tyke? Life is full of surprises.

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04.28.2011 / 09:36 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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