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America's Next Top Model

The Case of the Missing Vowel! Top 5 OMG Moments From Cycle 16, Episode 9 of ANTM

The only thing better than OMG Moments are international OMG Moments. Here are the Top 5 from the models' Moroccan adventure on Cycle 16, Episode 9 (April 27, 2011).

5. André and his pal Alexandra.

OK, so André Leon Talley keeps dropping the "i" from Alexandria's name, and it makes us giggle for some reason. "The Case of the Missing Vowel" peaked last night when Lex's name popped up on the screen just as the fashion editor said, "Ohhh, Alexandra." We know he couldn't see it, but still awesome.

4. Franca Sozzani likes Kasia. Actually, wait. No, she doesn't.

During deliberation, Franca defended Kasia's photograph as editorial after André said the model looked like an angry tourist. But then Franca admitted she wouldn't publish the photo in her magazine. OK, fair enough. But then, when Tyra asked about Kasia as a model in general, the Vogue Italia editor-in-chief dismissed her with a quick, "No." Wait, what? Tyra laughed awkwardly, but the lack of explanation was really sketch. Fiesty Italians!

3. Alexandria and the photographer speak the same language, but you wouldn't know it.

Alexandria and Michael Woolley weren't on the same page, or even in the same book, really. Lex got caught up in one of those horribly awkward social situations where you keep trying to fix the last thing you said and subsequently make it much, much worse. We don't even think it was what she talked about (we're pretty sure he's heard of baseball), but rather her delivery. Mike saw right through Lex's grave pronouncements ("You need to feel it in your heart and soul.") and just wanted her to get on the camel already.

2. Kasia's dresses didn't fit.

Kasia's experience at Noureddinee Amir's showroom was the first time we really got a hard look at how difficult the road can be for plus-sized models. Apart from feeling embarrassed that none of the dresses fit, Kasia was also bummed by the attitude she felt in the room over it. (Did they not know a plus-sized model was in the competition? How could they not have been briefed on that? Reality-TV Producer meddling, anyone?) It was sad to see a consummate professional like Kasia looking so down and out. Unfortunately, her feelings carried over into the shoot, too.

1. Is Molly the new Alexandria?

Molly was not a happy camper in Morocco. She speculated that her feelings of abandonment due to her adoption are probably the source of her anger. But it seems that anger is triggered when a dress is too long ("If I don't get the best walk, it's because I have this ridiculously long dress that I can't really walk in."); if a bed has to be shared ("I don't f***ing share beds."); or if Alexandria talks, moves, or breathes too deeply ("Honestly, she doesn't seem as model-y as the rest of us do."). Also, Molly seemed to think that saying hello to the photographer, smiling politely, and acting appreciative of the opportunity meant she was being fake. No, that means you're being courteous.


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