The PLL Girls Share Their Workout Routines
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Pretty Little Liars

The PLL Girls Share Their Workout Routines

The Pretty Little Liars girls are in such good shape and we want to know their secrets! They’ve always been gorgeous, but they slimmed down since filming the first season. They explained that it's from lots of exercising, but they've managed to have fun while staying fit.

Lucy Hale (Aria) tries to stick to an exercise routine and told Examiner, “When you’re filming it’s kind of crazy since you don’t know the hours, but I’ve recently started working with a trainer that I really love. I also love pilates and running.” But going to the gym isn’t the only way to exercise. Lucy also enjoys hiking in the Canyons with her maltipoo Jack.

Shay Mitchell (Emily) is extremely athletic, which helps her keep her fabulous figure. She told Seventeen, “I'm pretty adventurous. I love riding my bike from Venice to Santa Montica and doing that whole beach/boardwalk route. Also, they have this outdoor jungle gym in Santa Monica, and there are these huge, long ropes — I feel like they are like 30 feet, maybe a little bit more — and you climb them using nothing but your arms and legs.” But that’s not all. Shay enjoys cardio dance classes and works with a trainer several times a week. She confesses, "Just knowing that you have to work out because he's there waiting for you also helps."

Troian Bellisario (Spencer) is naturally thin, but eating healthy helps her stay that way. She explains, “It's really important for me to know where my food came from and what kind of impact it's making on the environment. I've never really been a junk food person." Besides eating right, Troian likes to go hiking in LA’s Griffith Park and go on bike rides with her boyfriend.

Ashley Benson (Hanna) is more of a gym girl and told Examiner that she enjoys Pilates, kickboxing, and doing bar method. Being active is no problem for her since she's so energetic.

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