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Grey's Anatomy

Callie’s Recovery: Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 19

You didn't think Callie (Sara Ramirez) and her new daughter were outta the woods yet, did you? Nope, both of them had their fair share of post-op complications, and the other doctors had to deal with complicated situations, too. (If only they could sing about it!) Here are the highlights from Grey's Anatomy, Season 7, Episode 19 (April 28, 2011):

Callie spends months as a patient in the hospital, struggling through physical therapy, staving off infections, and jonesing to hold her daughter. Meanwhile, little Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres has to undergo heart surgery (under Stark's scalpel, no less) to whip her left ventricle into shape. Finally mother and child are discharged from the hospital after twelve weeks to begin their life anew.

Alex (Justin Chambers) has to deal with a cranky biddy named Gladys; she seems to be irritated at the entire world, but she's especially angry with the doctors who couldn't fix her lung cancer and whose surgery resulted in infections. After weeks of verbally abusing all the docs, she passes away. But the upshot is that she leaves Alex $200,000 to fund operations on a dozen African children that he flew to Seattle on his own dime.

April (Sarah Drew) tries to reconnect with Stark and to tell him that everyone has been very impressed with him lately, but hell hath no spitefulness like a Stark scorned.

Henry starts having Teddy (Kim Raver) over for post-date recaps (and fine-dining leftovers), but the one time he decides to prepare a nice dinner for her, she can't stay because she finally has a date with real potential: none other than Andrew Perkins. He's back! And Teddy seems totally smitten.

One of Derek (Patrick Dempsey)'s Alzheimer's trial patients dies suddenly, vacating a spot for Adele Webber, who is now eligible. But Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is worried by how fast Adele's condition is degrading, particularly when Adele confuses her with Ellis. So she channels her inner Sydney Bristow and breaks into the pharmacy to swap Adele's document with another patient's so that Adele gets the drug and not the placebo. Alex spots her, though; a super-spy Meredith ain't. Will this come back to haunt her in the next week's episode? We're betting on it...


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