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America's Next Top Model

Tips From a Top Model: How to Use Trendy, Colorful Cosmetics

Whitney Thompson, Cycle 10 winner of America's Next Top Model (the first plus-size one ever!) and a model for Wilhelmina, shares her thoughts on this Spring's hottest cosmetic trends.

If you’ve spent any time perusing the makeup counter over the past several weeks, you’ve probably noticed a new trend involving a lot of neon and ultra-bright products. From pots of gloss to shocking shades of polish, I’ll guide you through this season’s hottest shades so you can use them and not abuse them.

The good news is that most of these colors only appear to be outrageous in the container. Once smoothed over skin, they make a light splash of color, accentuating features without taking away from them.

Let’s start with cheeks because they don’t need too much attention. You already know to apply your blush right on the apples of your cheeks. But instead of using your usual blush brush, switch to a larger powder brush, sweeping the light, electric pink across your cheeks and nose. This will create the illusion of a natural flush and set the tone for the rest of your face.

I like to do my eyes before my lips because I have a lot of fun playing with the shades and shapes. It’s a lot easier to get creative with your eyes and still look glamorous. Many eyeshadows come in palettes, but you only need to use one color at a time on your eye. Bring the shadow from your lash line to your crease and no further. This can make your eyes appear bright and fresh. If you want to use an unconventional liner like teal or magenta, try a large swoop across your top lid. You can leave the line thick or smudge it for a softer look. Follow the bright liner with a black liquid liner just along your lash line; you want to see the color coming up from underneath but you still need a strong color to keep your eyes from looking freaky! Follow with a black mascara or use something like a rich blue to finish the funky theme.

Sheer shine is a constant theme this season; thick pots of sticky gloss shine like jewels from department store counters. They have a secret, though -- most of these glosses are jelly-based and go on with just the slightest hint of color. I refer to the look as “kiss me” lips; the color draws just enough attention without scaring your man. Guys hate thick lipstick and this trend is anything but! These shades will leave your lips looking luscious and irresistible. My favorite gloss is a pot of Camellia Ruby Balm by Julie Hewett -- the perfect hint of color without being sticky. It’s also organic, paraben-free, $20, and it makes lips super soft. You can get my favorite gloss here.

I don’t want any of my SuperModel readers walking around looking like a box of crayons exploded on their faces so please be careful -- with great color comes great responsibility. I think of wearing makeup like wearing an outfit; make one thing the focal point and try to have the rest accentuate that thing. If you want wild lips one night, go lighter on the eyes. Showing off your eyes? Then your lips' job that night is to help draw attention to the eyes. Showing off your legs? The the arms should be covered to keep the focal point there. Follow my advice and this method will keep you from being caught by the fashion police and right on trend.

In addition to her thriving modeling career, Whitney also designs and sells candles and jewelry on her website, where a percentage of the proceeds go to the National Eating Disorder Association. You can also follow her on Twitter @WhitneyANTM.


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04.29.2011 / 02:20 AM EDT by Whitney Thompson
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