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The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 OMG Moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 20, “The Last Day”

We love those moments on The Vampire Diaries that make us gasp, pause, and rewind — and Episode 20, “The Last Day,” was chock full of them. Here are the five scenes that left us with our jaws agape this week.

5. Damon does the bite thing.
When the elder Salvatore realized there was no way on earth he could change Elena’s mind about sacrificing herself to Klaus, he ripped open his vein, grabbed Elena’s head, and force-fed her his blood, ensuring that even if she died, she would rise again, eternally. It was a desperate move. A dangerous one. Very selfish and very Damon. “You’re so bent on dying. At least this way I know you’ll come back,” Damon told Elena. “Go ahead. Wish me an eternity of misery. Believe me, you’ll get over it.” Um, no, D. She won’t.

4. Who wants to live forever?
Not Elena Gilbert. After hiking to the top of a picturesque waterfall with Stefan in what they fear will be her last day as a human, Elena turned to her immortal boyfriend and confessed. “I don’t want to be a vampire, Stefan. I never wanted to be one.” Too bad Damon didn’t ask her that before he shoved his wrist into her mouth.

3. Salvatore vs. Salvatore
Blood is thicker than water. But that’s not a good thing when the blood you’re talking about is the substance your big bro tried to shove down your girlfriend’s throat. When Stefan heard the commotion in Damon’s room, he didn’t hesitate to charge in and clock his sibling. Hard. First he shoved Damon across the room. Then D vamped back and tried to strangle Stefan. “Admit it. You just wish you had the balls to do it yourself,” he growled. For the next minute, throwing punches that would end a human, the brothers swung to kill. Until, suddenly, Damon was down on the floor. When Stefan approached him and it looked like this fight would be over Damon grabbed a broken lamp and stabbed his only living relative in the gut.

2. When friends attack.
We know it: Tyler didn’t mean to lunge at Caroline. He didn’t mean to try to eat Damon for dinner. He couldn’t help himself. But that doesn’t change the fact that he turned wolf and turned on his fellow (wo)man. It was a frightening scene in the woods — one that probably warped Matt’s mind. (Imagine seeing your teammate transform into an animal!) The scene also reminded us about one thing the Movie That Will Not Be Named has over The Vampire Diaries: When Jacob turns into a werewolf, he still remembers who he is. He still recognizes Bella. Freeing their inner dog doesn’t squash a werewolf’s human intelligence. That’s not the case for Tyler Lockwood. Apparently when TVD Weres let the dog out, they lose all control.

1. Welcome to the dark side.
It was a harrowing scene. Aunt Jenna lay in the woods in the middle of a circle of fire, not breathing. “He killed her. Why?!” Elena asked. “I did everything he said.” Apparently everything wasn’t enough. Just as Jenna gasped for air, the witch Greta Martin smiled. “She’s not dead,” she said. “She’s in transition.” Again we have to say: Poor Aunt Jenna. After the hellish few weeks that she’s had, she had to go and wake up dead.

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