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Who Is Karl Malden? Namedrops and Pop Culture References From Glee’s “Born This Way”

Namedrops abound on Glee. More often than not, a famous person's name is used as an insult to take someone down a peg or two — and that's something we totally support! To help you keep it all straight, we've compiled a list of the names and pop culture references deemed important enough to be dropped by Glee characters in “Born This Way.” Did you catch them all?

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Santana (Naya Rivera): I hear that Rachel’s got a bit of a schnoz; I mean, I wouldn’t know, because like Medusa, I try to avoid eye contact with her.

Schue (Matthew Morrison): I know how I’m going to get the kids to accept what their differences are: by using their two favorite teachers, me and Gaga.

Sam (Chord Overstreet): “'Jack Ryan, you’ve just boarded Red October.' Sean Connery."

Schue: We’re gonna perform [Lady Gaga’s] anthem to acceptance: “Born This Way.”

Quinn (Dianna Agron): And as everybody snickers as they try to squeeze that tiara onto your head, somebody’s gonna spill pig’s blood on you or something like that, and you’ll become more of an outcast than you already are.

Santana: [to Karofsky] Maybe [you’ll] become a state senator or a deacon, and then get caught in the men’s room tapping your foot with some page.

Santana: [to Karofsky] It’s when a gay man and woman date each other to hide the fact that they’re gay — like the Roosevelts.

Paul Karofsky: The boy I raised was a Cub Scout.

Kurt (Chris Colfer): I’m both repulsed and impressed by her Lady MacBeth-ian ways.

Kurt: A Latina Eve Harrington.

Puck (Mark Salling): [to Rachel] If you want to breathe better, why not have them give you Karl Malden’s nose?

Lauren (Ashley Fink): My dad’s college roommate was G. Gordon Liddy, and he taught my pop a valuable lesson.

Quinn: And then I joined ballet, lost a little bit of weight, found out I was athletic and joined gymnastics, then cheerleading, went on Proactiv for my acne.

Rachel (Lea Michele): [to Puck] Why did you bring me here? Is there a sale at Claire’s?

Kurt: But you will listen to Barbra Streisand.

Kurt: Barbra refused to believe that beauty could only be defined by the blond, chiseled faces of Hitchcock’s movies.

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04.29.2011 / 02:26 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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